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Leading Point products are designed with care to cater for clients’ needs. It spans different verticals and is highly customizable. Our products are developed with scalability in mind along with high performance in action. Microsoft latest technologies are employed to empower our products’ lines.

Leading Point Products are highly customizable, ensuring that our clients enjoy real value for their investment. We are dedicated to this principle and continue to commit to research and development. Leading Point believes in reliable delivery. Our products embed the long experience Leading Point has gained from working within the Telco industry. The wide-ranging, patented functionality has been proven time and time again in the field, demonstrating Leading Point’s commitment to reliability.

Leading Point aims for long term partnerships – the productized approach underpins this by ensuring our customers benefit from the constant development of our solutions. Leading Point has several Telco customers who deployed Leading Point solutions and continue to invest in our software solutions to this day.
With reliable delivery and high customization, Leading Point can ensure fast and easily upgraded software that enables efficient deployment of new services and assured performance.


“Order Management System” is an order automation and back office solution. OMS automates manual business processes through the use of flexible back-office application verification workflow and the utilization of multiple delivery channels (Web Form, Email, Fax, Scanner, USSD, and smart phones). OMS excels as Customer acquisition and service system, it increases application processing Volume, Quality, and Speed.


”Leading Integration Front-End” is a unified, comprehensive, web-based application that provides a single access to a 360 degree view of customers, their products, services they’re subscribed to, and trouble reporting. LIFE is a modern Telco CRM that makes interaction with multiple backend hosts and multi-point data entry a thing of the past.


“Dealer Relationship Management System” provides Telcos with a full range of functions and tools to manage relationships with their dealers and distributers. DRMS allows Telco companies to monitor, promote, reward and discipline their network of dealers by integrating them into their internal process to control costs and reach end customers. DRMS also supports additional modules for Commissions and Incentives.