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Since its inception, Leading Point has been a technological innovator, constantly improving products through new practices, design principles and technologies with focus on clients' real needs and simplifying problems.


Orders Management System


OMS is a business process automation and back-office solution with a flexible and dynamic application verification workflow engine. OMS Provides pre and after sales services and support per need. It Increases application processing Volume, Quality, and Speed.


Commission Engine is a dynamic commission calculation, receives activations from the activation engine and generates a commission records for approval under different schemas and elements on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly bases.

CE ®

Commission Engine


Distribution & Relationship Management System


An extensive system that provides you with a full range of functions and tools to manage relationships with dealers and distributers.
DRMS will increase automation, delivery performance and execute supply chain processes in your business which will help in enhancing transparency into order processing, more accurate planning, and reductions in stock.


It’s a platform that is designed to provide Telcos customers with self-service portal which is available on both web and mobile channels.
This portal will allow the customers to manage their profile, account, and all other services by them self in addition to the ability to handle Billing and Payments services, which will increase customer satisfaction and enhance customer experience.

Digital Self-Care


Leading Integration Front End


A unified, comprehensive, web-based application providing a single access to a 360-degree view of customers, products, and services they’re subscribed to, and trouble reporting. LIFE® is a modern Telco CRM that makes interaction with multiple backend hosts and multi-point data entry.


EngagePoint® is a customer engagement platform that enable enterprises thrive through orchestrated campaigns, machine learning, personalized messaging across mobile, email, and other digital channels

EngagePoint ®

SMS Gateway ®

Leading Integration Front End


A high performance SMS bulk sending, with highly flexible management interface and customizable templates that offers Campaign Scheduling. SMS Gateway® contains a set of handy tools to help managing your campaigns and it also supports multiple languages and encodings for a wider expansion.

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