• World-Class Company
    with Regional Focus



Established in 2006, Leading Point Software LTD. is a world-class company with regional focus, providing comprehensive IT Solutions, Business Systems, and Professional Services, to Enterprises of all sizes, mainly to Telecommunication Companies (Telcos), Financial Services, Utilities, and Public Sector. s

We have a solid performance reputation in the technology industry for providing excellent service to our clients. Our values are represented by our integrity, thought leadership, and commitment in maintaining a high-level of excellence in the constant evolving world of information technology.

For over 7 years, Leading Point has acquired great expertise and insight into the business of telecommunications, specifically on how Telcos can engage with their customers. Whether it’s through solution delivery, service, support, consultancy or training, Leading Point is passionate about helping Telcos improve their efficiency and effectiveness. We have successfully been working with leading Telco Operators throughout the region since our inauguration, and supported the launch of four Telco operators supplying many of the Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operations Support Systems (OSS) as well as different Value-added Services (VAS).

Leading Point’s management philosophy includes staying updated of the latest technologies, recruiting the best-qualified consultants and developing strategic alliances with industry leaders who can enhance our IT capabilities.

Leading Point is headquartered in Jordan with offices in Oman and business development activities in Saudi Arabia and the United States of America.

Our Vision

In a world that is best characterized by continuous change and evolvement in business and technology alike, Leading Point is focused on being a leading regional provider by relentlessly adopting the latest technologies and trends in the market and bends them to fit our clients’ needs and satisfaction. We have made it our habit to always be on the tip of the wave and lead the way. Against this background, Leading Point vision is: technology… we lead.

Our Mission

LeadingPoint® focuses on improving the way clients do work by adding value through key technologies that enable managing the entire information lifecycle. Translating mission to dynamic leadership in providing solutions to meet clients, needs and demands; LeadingPoint® strongly emphasizes care, service, and long-term partnership for its clients and employees alike.

Our Core Values

Client Satisfaction
Business Excellence
Respect for others


The starting point for building or improving any system is the recognition of a business opportunity or problem and discovering its origin, as well as the belief that a better system might create benefits by improving the operation of the enterprise.

With Leading Point Solution Delivery Approach (SD5 Points), we offer you a suite of services to manage projects to success. SD5 Points includes Define Point, Design Point, Develop Point, Deploy Point and Do-Support Point.

Define Point

We do project scoping, requirements definition, and a business process analysis and gap analysis to deliver a master specification document for solutions, a gap analysis document and an implementation roadmap.

Design Point

We employ best practices and set quality measures to deliver systems design documentation, a project deliverables quality management plan, and a change control plan.

Develop Point

We do system (components) development, quality assurance and control, system integration and documentation to deliver architecture design, including logical and physical data models, test plans, data conversion plans, and deployment plans.

Deploy Point

We do solution deployment, data conversion, quality assessment and training to deliver production system and operations documentation.

Do-Support Point

We do continued assessments, review and realign, develop post deployment and support agreement and project closure to deliver project signoffs and lessons learned and final project documentation.

Any new project for acquiring a new system or improving an existing one goes through all these steps. At the Define Point stage, we define the need to change an existing system and describe in general terms how the system should operate differently and how any supporting system should work differently. At the Design Point and Develop Point stages, we build or acquire and configure hardware, software, and other resources
needed to perform both the IT-related and non-IT-related functions. At the Deploy Point stage, we make the new or improved system operational. Finally, the Do-Support Point is the ongoing enhancement and maintenance of the new system.