We help organizations bridge the gap between business and technology by working closely with top management to address business needs and manage the most critical initiatives. Our team consists of Senior Consultants, Subject Matter Experts, and Program Managers with deep domain experience our customers have benefited from Leading Point Consulting team’s expertise in business and technical capability assessments, architecture and implementation

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Enterprise Architecture Services

Turning organization to be more agile and able to benefit from new opportunities through enterprise architecture services.

The rise of disruptive technologies and their impact on how customers are engaged, it is important to stay agile, steady and up to date with the swiftly changing state of your industry. It is also important to take advantage of emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, big data analytics and mobile to drive business and achievements. Leading Point Enterprise Architecture services ensures that our customers achieve these goals.

Leading Point helps organizations utilize data and technology into powerful management tools. Using our proven methodologies and processes to enable the growth of your organization. Establish the enterprise architecture blueprint for business and technology alignment to reduce costs, minimize risk and increase value for your organization.

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Enterprise Architecture

Evaluating and Planning IT Enterprise Architecture plan that’s aligns with customer’s business strategy and objectives.  Provide cross-collaboration, increased productivity and streamlined business processes.

Solution Architecture

Define and design end-to-end solution across multiple business units, systems and platforms.

Software Architecture

Define and design software architecture to meet functional, technical, and operational requirements.

Integration Architecture

Define and design integration architecture to ensure seamless data flow move from one system to another.

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Digital Transformation

Helping organizations build a customer-centric digital ecosystem

The technology economy is constantly redefining how business is conducted, it’s essential for organization to have a customer-centric digital presence, backed by a robust, digital infrastructure, making digital technology your competitive advantage by automating critical functions is your way to shine 

This is why we partner with our customer in unleashing their potential with latest tools and technology that optimize adaptability, agility and profitability. We do that by transforming their business processes, making it faster, smarter and more insightful, improving employee collaborations and enabling an elevating customer experience.

Digital transformation strategy
Unified experience design 
Omni channel Digital Experience 
Customer Engagement

Big Data and Predictive Analytics 
Integration/ Orchestration


Solve your specific telecommunications needs

Telecom operators are fighting a war for connectivity, customer satisfaction and retention. As profit margins decline, mobile and fixed services converge, and business boundaries in the broader ecosystem blur, Leading Point can help. We are passionate about serving telcos regionally improve their efficiency and effectiveness, better understand their customers, build superior ecosystems and find a sustainable path to growth. 

Telecom companies need to align strategy and operations closely to be positioned for success in a constantly evolving market. We have successfully been working with leading Telco Operators throughout the region since our inauguration, and supported the launch of many Telco Operators supplying many of the Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operations Support Systems (OSS) as well as different Value-added Services (VAS).

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Enterprise Architecture Services

Enterprise Application Integration   

Application and Data Migration Services 

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence 

Business Process Automation (BPA) 

Service Delivery Platforms (SDP)  


Enterprise Portals 
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Project and Program Management 

Focus on running your business. Turn a winning strategy into successful reality

Business success is not measured by your ability to visualize a great idea, but rather by your ability to execute it. Whether managing post entire portfolio, program or the delivery of a single project. We help organizations manage and deliver their most critical programs and IT projects by reducing cost, minimizing risk, and increasing value

Our PMs handle complex programs to drive business change at scale and speed, in an agile way, in order to realize the full value of your large technology programs. We provide thinking, governance and project management expertise to help organizations realize their change and growth programs where complexity, time and resources are at critical factors.

Project Delivery

Products road-mapping  

PMO and project management support 

Business Process Management and gap analysis

Business Analysis

Quality assurance assessment 

Unified experience design and user journey optimization

Cloud and DevOps  

Accelerate time to market by turning to the cloud to scale and optimize IT resources

To overcome the challenges of continuous market change, organization must adapt too. This means having the agility to identify and seize opportunities quickly, launch new products on demand, revamp business processes, and create new business models. DevOps brings together people, processes, and technology, automating software delivery to provide continuous value to your users. With our DevOps solutions, deliver software faster and more reliably—no matter how big your IT department or what tools you’re using.

Leading Point provides DevOps service to automate software delivery processes and ensuring the scalability and security of large enterprises and startups. We bring your development and operations into a single rapid deployment umbrella, leverage code to manage your infrastructure and enable transparency, collaboration and cross-functionality of your teams.

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DevOps Assessment

DevOps Automation

DevOps Management

Cloud Platform Development

Application Migration to the Cloud

Business Process Management and gap analysis 

Quality assurance assessment 

Products road-mapping 


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