Quality and Testing  

Transform your testing practice, reduce your costs, accelerate development cycles and drive continuous quality for your software  

The holistic approach to quality testing in the early stages of software development will allow you to avoid the risk of losing your customers or damaging your reputation.

Success in the digital era requires organization to simplify, modernize and secure their current environments. As a result, robust quality assurance (QA) is a must to handle both legacy and digital systems and achieve high quality in a timely manner. Leading Point employs an end-to-end, intelligent approach with an automated and manual QA processes. Which helps you achieve quality and speed, better react to business and technology changes, as well as a promoting significant customer experience.

Leading Point’s QA team adheres to the highest levels of security and industry standards, ensures your software is reliable, scalable and optimized. We conduct quality control in every type of service or product we deliver. We guarantee that by establishing robust testing processes and agile practices to help you meet your customer's expectations.  

Security Testing

Performance Testing

Independent Testing

Regression Testing

Functional Testing

Compatibility Testing

Test Automation

QA Consulting and Quality Management

User Acceptance Testing

Accessibility Testing


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