Security for The Digital Era  

Eliminate cyber security threats and keep your data protected 24/7.

With the transmission to all digital, organization require sophisticated and integrated interactions between users, application and data on a multitude channels and deployments options; as a result, the attack surface has expanded remarkably.

Obsolete security solutions, advanced cyber-threats, demanding compliance requirements, and other security challenges. It became a must for organizations to have a proactive partner who can foresee and neutralize threats before they develop. 

At Leading Point Security, our approach to enterprise security helps you build customer trust, focus on the needs of your business, accelerate innovation and growth. Our security solutions combine deep domain knowledge, best practices and business expertise with a proactive approach that involve advisory, transformation and managed services. We apply the latest technologies and engage our team experts to help you lower security costs, extend your sight visibility and prevent future attacks 

Security Testing

Security Monitoring  

Incident response

Data Storage Security

Cloud Security

Digital Identity

Governance Risk and Compliance Management

Transmission Security


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