We operate with real-time customer data and allow organizations to build value and competitive edge  


We offer our customers end-to-end software solutions and services delivering low Total-Cost-of-Ownership and high ease of use. Our work is also expanded thought handling infrastructure solutions, consultancy and project management services, business intelligence and data warehousing services, as well as, system integrations


We help organizations bridge the gap between business and technology by working closely with top management to address business needs and manage the most critical initiatives.

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Enterprise Software and Mobility

Leading Point’s combination of products, solutions, and services help organizations simplify complex communications scenarios and integrate with backend technologies from other vendors, enabling customers to unlock value and potential from within their network and capitalize on their existing investment.

Quality and Testing

Success in the digital era requires an organization to simplify, modernize and secure their current environments. As a result, robust quality assurance (QA) is a must to handle both legacy and digital systems and achieve high quality in a timely manner.

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With the transmission to all digital, an organization requires sophisticated and integrated interactions between users, application, and data on multitude channels and deployments options; as a result, the attack surface has expanded remarkably.


Outsourcing is a strategic option for companies that do not want the expense of recruiting, training and retaining in-house IT specialists.

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At Leading Point, we believe that transforming enterprises and helping them succeed can only be achieved through a carefully planned and strategic knowledge-sharing process. Therefore, IT Training and team building through an array of soft and hard technical skills, occupy a major portion of Leading Point’s services offerings.


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