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We are passionate about helping businesses improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Regardless of the industry type, company size or market sector, Leading Point provides the most complete integrated solutions and services to simplify and streamline implementation, execution, control and monitoring of multiple business application demands.

Our broad customer base covers a wide range of market sectors including Banking, telecommunications, government, defense, utilities, Oil & Gas and transport. The scale of the tasks we carry out for our customers’ ranges from one-day assignment by a single consultant to large consulting teams over several months.

Leading Point has gained trust and admiration of its customers representing the entire spectrum of industries.

Logistics & Transportation
Travel & Hospitality 
Field Services  

Public Sector 

Retail & Consumer Goods
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Leading Point has been working with leading Telco Operators throughout the region and supported the launch of four Telco Operators (three of which are MVNOs) supplying all of the operations support systems and different value added services.

For over 8 years now, Leading Point has acquired great expertise and insights into the business of telecommunications, specifically on how Telcos can engage with their customers. Whether it’s through solution delivery, services, support, consultancy or training, Leading Point is passionate about helping Telcos improve their efficiency and effectiveness. We have successfully been working with leading Telco Operators throughout the region since our inauguration, and supported the launch of four Telco Operators supplying many of the Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operations Support Systems (OSS) as well as different Value-added Services (VAS).

Leading Point is a proven industry leader in Telecom solutions, an innovative, technology driven and customer focused organization; the company is committed to keeping pace with the revolutions in the Information Technology and Telecom industries

We allow Telco to highly engage with their customers Wither that’s through solution delivery, digital services, support, or consultancy. Learn more.

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Self-care Solutions
Credit/Debit Card Payment Solutions  
Customer Loyalty Programs
International Credit Transfer 

Online Chat Support

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) 
Online Coverage Map
Reverse Bidding  
Desktop Agent

During this long experience, Leading Point has integrated with most of the backend systems usually found in Telcos and other sectors

Huawei HLR
Convergys Infinys  
SymSoft NoBill 
Ericsson Minsat 
Comptel EventLink / InstantLink
Comptel EventLink / InstantLink
IBM WebSphere  
Oracle Financials
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 
And Others
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Logistics and Transportation 

Meet evolving logistics requirements and simplify operation in the digital world

Travel and Hospitality  

Customized travel technology solution to improve customer experience and bring operational efficiency.

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Field Services  

Everything you need to run your fire inspection and preventive maintenance business in one place

Public Sector   

Address challenges and better meet citizen expectations. Transform government services in the digital era.

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Retail and Consumer Goods  

Enables retailers to deliver personal, seamless, and differentiated customer experiences. Capture data-based insights to drive growth. 


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